Friday, June 4, 2010


Although life is a wonderful path of discovery I am taking the blog to Raising Lucy - my blog about connecting with people and animals.  I think the reason I didn't add a thing to either in so long is that I never quite knew where info should go. Simplifying and down-sizing - perfect for these times and symbolic of what I am doing in my life.
I thank you and hope you will follow me at Raising Lucy from now on...I will be a better blogger for it. 
Have a great summer, Carol 6/2010


eastwitching said...

Carol - I am liking what you say about connections people and animals. I am going to Lucy blog now. I love this little bird you have here. Alison

Joie Moring said...

Love the hummingbird fitting for the message to downsize, stay simple, efficient. I look forward to seeing what's new on the Raising Lucy blog. And hearing aobut the Summer Workshops that you're doing.