Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well there ya go

Time flies and no blog postings!  ACK!  One minute it's cold December and the next minute it's balmy February.  We have had a 10th of the snow we had last year and frankly it has been a relief, although water concerns are always in mind.  The rest of the nation has been under seige with the weather and so far, we have really missed out. 
We have been resting, relaxing, and took a two week trip to Maui.   Nick and I accomplished a dream of becoming certified divers while there.  Both of us had long been wanting to become certified, but didn't want to do it in the cold waters of our lake.  We studied for weeks prior to our arrival and it took 3 days to test, learn, and demonstrate our new skills.  The picture of me is with a cheap little camera, but would love to have a nice underwater camera.  It had fogged up when the Monk Seal swam right by me so don't have a photo of that.  There are only maybe 1100 Monk Seals left on the planet, and as they get moved out of their natural homes by development and the presence of people experts believe they will be extinct in our lifetime!  I thought it was quite an honor to see one. 

The whales were having a great time and of course we did as we watched Humpbacks cavort in the waters.  You have to stay 100 yards away from them, which we did.  With the motor off while in our friend's boat a baby whale came quite close to us.  The escort whale came in between us quite close to remind us of who's the boss.  Most of the images I got on video so I'll have to obtain snaps of moments from the film. 
Glad to be home although much prefer going outside in shorts, tank top, and flip flops. 


Joie Moring said...

Great post Carol! Congrats on the dive cert...monk seal and whale sightings...and a great adventure into the aloha lifestyle. Maybe we'll join you in kauai?! i know...don't hold yer breath...(use your regulator)...xxoo, little sister

Kim Carlton said...

What a wonderful life you have, Carol! I went through all the training for scuba while I was living in Newport, RI, but when I was supposed to be certified, there was this dance and I had this boyfriend and looking back at it, I can see that I was a very short-sighted party girl! I see your pics and read your writing and feel a pang of regret!
I'm glad you're posting and I can dive in Hawaii vicariously :-)

Carol said...

Kim, boy I have made decisions like that. I turned down an apprentice-ship with a well known potter when I was about 19 or 20 because of a guy. Nice guy, but..oh, the opportunity lost.