Monday, September 7, 2009

Full Circle

This was Sunset Gallery - the gallery I created in 2005.  The space in Harrison Idaho was dilapidated and had been "remodeled" in the 70s.  In this old building we tore down walls and created a beautiful open space.  The gallery was inspired by a goose.  
I sold Sunset Gallery 3 years ago to Denise Oliver and sold it to tell "our" goose Lucy's story.  I've now created videos, a coloring book, and just published the hardback full-color  book. 
It is amazing to imagine something and then to fully create it.  The gallery, the books, the videos - it is very satisfying to feel so inspired by someone, something so wonderful, and to bring it to fruition.  I have also enjoyed the process of all that I have learned and put together. 
Yesterday, I went back to the gallery and had my first book signing with the full-color book.  I'd come full-circle - back to the place where I began sharing Lucy's story.  Many people came to congratulate me and it was great fun re-connecting with so many Lucy supporters and meeting new people who didn't know the story.
The moonlit boatride home after dinner with friends was rewarding too.  After a rainy cool day, the night sky opened up and the moon and stars were shining so brightly.  Alone in the night I was so thankful and so appreciative of the beauty of the lake and all that it has meant to me.  I'd learned to drive a boat well to fly Lucy then the boat became my car to get to the gallery.  It was a magical ending to a wonderful day.
Satisfied, content, and whole, I slept better last night than I've slept in a long time.  Thank you Lucy.

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Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Carol, congratulations on fulfilling so many goals - reconnecting you with your art, nature, animals. What a beautiful full circle!