Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My book inspired by a goose is here. Raising Lucy - The True Story of Raising an Orphaned Wild Goose is here and I'm ready for the PNBA event this weekend. 


Joie Moring said...

How appropriate to have your book in hand on 09/09/09...and just one day after mom's birthday...and one month to do the day before mine. :) The Lucy book is another colorful expression of your path of discovery...the wonderful world of Apple Computers, Photoshop and painterly digital illustration...and we mustn't forget, the invaluable Pantone Color Bridge system!

Joie Moring said...

This is great sis! I've just posted a note on fb about you and told folks to visit your website...and order a book! I just know the booksellers are gonna love Lucy's story!

Carol said...

Thanks Joie. Couldn't have done it withoutcha!