Sunday, November 8, 2009


It's been an unusual 2 weeks.  I attended Bookfest 2009 in Seattle and met so many people.  While there I took the time to attend book readings by 2 of my favorite NW authors, Garth Stein and Jennie Shortridge.  I read Garth's book The Art of Racing in the Rain and highly recommend the book to anyone.  Jennie's new book, When She Flew, was just released and my sister won a signed copy during the question period afterwards.  I met Jennie at PNBA in Portland and she is an accomplished author with several modern novels that she loosely weaves some of her traits, like being the lead singer in a rock and roll band, into the main character. 

I met lots of librarians, teachers, illustrators, and many different writers.  I have since been asked by several schools to come to the Seattle area in the spring to present Lucy's story. 

I have been so busy in a myriad of ways.  We adopted a stray dog.  She had been running loose in our rural area for weeks and all of our neighbors had been feeding her, but she wouldn't come near any of us.  She's been with us several weeks now and is trusting more and more.  She acts as if she was abused and doesn't trust people in general, especially men.  Our old cat Bailey is barely tolerant of Lily's (we named her Lily) youthful enthusiasm and I know Bailey was enjoying life as the queen of the house until this "intruder" showed up.  I've been giving lots of special attention to the cat, and really, Lily has also been a joy to have around.  With a dog I've also been getting out of the house more and we walk the beach and different roads and trails near our home several times a day.  Especially when it's blustery outside it's always easier to talk myself into staying inside.  But once you have a dog who needs the exercise and a good poop (like I don't!) it is invigorating to be out in it, regardless of the weather.  I am really thankful for that little dog Lily.  We have both helped each other in so many ways.  Pics soon.

We also had our house interior painted professionally.  I would love painting everything myself and have painted several bedrooms and the kitchen within the last year, but I just didn't have time and a painter friend of ours needed the work.  We hadn't painted the main living area in 10 years since we remodeled and I wanted to get rid of the Italian jewel tones and go lighter.  The house has such a different feeling now.  I love it and wanted a change but the house was in chaos for over a week with artwork down and furniture moved here and there to accomodate the painter.

With a new dog, and adding dog walking into an already busy life, working at getting life reorganized, then the painting, book orders, and school presentations - I've been busy.  Then I got sick.  Maybe I've been more stressed than I thought I was and/or maybe I got it at one of the elementary schools presentations.  I'm contemplating getting the H1N1 vaccine.  I normally don't get flu shots, but getting out in public with the book signings and presentations has me wondering if I should.  Finally just today, I'm feeling more normal after a week of coughing, blowing, and sneezing.   

I am so thankful for feeling normal again and I'm regaining the enthusiasm for talking, connecting, planning, and getting out there with Raising Lucy.   Great big world - here I come!


Joie Moring said...

Hey there! Good to hear you're feeling 'normal' and getting out there in full swing. That was you racing in the rain...behind a new wiley black dog?

By the way, I dove right into When She Flew - am halfway through and am really liking it. I'm certian I'm going to want her other books (just based on Jennie's Bookfest reading).

Can't wait to see the NEW house colors!!! photos please. ;)

Lucy...when she flew...she opened a lot of hearts, didn't she? Hugs to you and all the animals...

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

It sounds like Lily is as perfect for you as you are for her! Good for you for getting out there when it's blustery.

And yes, working around kids does have draw backs when it comes to germs (then add to that the stress of all that you have been working on). I've already been sick twice this school year. And yes - I got the flu shot and will get the H1N1 shot too.

Jen said...

I am glad to hear that Lily is slowly fitting into the family, and animals always want to be the top of the list when it comes to loved... sounds like a fantastic dog!

Ooo I love to paint but never have the time either!

I'll be checking out the two books you listed as well, always looking for new things to read!