Monday, October 5, 2009

Life and Lucy

I got back from Seattle Friday to a busy house full of relatives.  Nick's mother passed this summer and family came from as far as Pennsylvania and Okinawa to remember Peggy.  The weather was lovelier than expected and we all had such a nice time together.  We scattered her ashes in the water near the family cabin across the lake.

I'd gone to Seattle to visit bookstores in that area - up to Bellingham. I love sharing Lucy's story with others and even though I have to put my sales hat on to get the book into new stores- it isn't as hard as I thought it would be.  Of course, it's Lucy's story and it's part of my life.  She's inspired me now for 5 years.  Lucy is forever a part of me.

I stopped in at some bookstores that already have the book and as you can see I found Lucy on the shelves. I have events scheduled and the first is a book reading at the Mockingbird Bookstore for children on Woodlawn Avenue in Seattle. It's a new store near Green Lake and I'll be there October 23rd at 11am.  I have a busy weekend (October 24th & 25th) scheduled selling books at Seattle Bookfest 2009.  Kent Sturgis, President of Epicenter Press invited me to be at their booth and I'm thankful for the opportunity.  Bookfest has a full schedule of NW authors signed up, and although I signed up too late to do a reading or signing, Raising Lucy should be able to get some good exposure.

Doing all the work is something I wanted to learn and I am really appreciative of the experience I am gaining in the industry.  I think though, as Lucy takes off, I could see the benefit of hiring a publicist or an agent.  At this point it's about taking baby steps and getting the word out there.  I am thankful for every moment and in the midst of challenges I am keeping a positive attitude.  I recently thought if I wasn't doing this I'd be working for someone else, and which did I prefer?  The answer was easy - I prefer working for myself.  I feel I am doing what I was meant to do and I am putting it in God's hands - to guide the way.


Joie Moring said...

Howdy sis. Loved seeing Lucy books on bookstore shelves! This is such a great feeling...where Lucy and you are really taking flight.

Kim said...

Thanks Carol! I went to your site and it's really great. I look forward to reading through it further. Congratulations on the book!

Joie Moring said...

Thanks for coming to my blog and commenting...and you look MAHvelous in your new scarf! Love it. Love you.